Our lives consist of the sounds that we hear. We are controlled by sounds, from clocks and phones, and from voices. We react strongly and swiftly to the words of others, and expect the same in return. But what if this ability was taken away? What if your word would be silent? What if your spoken words will not be understood? Does food taste or smell better in silent surroundings? Would you experience a heightened sense of taste?

The service team at Blanc. uses Ho Chi Minh City Sign Language which is one of the three Vietnamese Sign Languages, which is influenced by American Sign Language or ASL and French Sign Language (Langue des Signes Française) or LSF.

In the menu and in the guide book you will find signs that are useful to give sign language a try! Of course pen and paper are at hand if needed.

Should we remain quiet during the meal, you may ask? No, you do not have to remain quiet during your meal. Due to the atmosphere and interactions with our wait staff, you may find yourself lowering your voice, but you do not have to remain silent during your meal. Just laugh, share and have a good time.

We invite you to try a new dining experience, where communicating with your server may not be as simple as opening your mouth to speak.